Modules Overview

Additional Functionality to Help Streamline Your Business
Our core AG Base system is a comprehensive solution for the Agribusiness Industry. That said, we also offer several upgrade modules that enhance the base system and offer you flexible options for customizing the software to fit your unique business needs.

agribusiness upgrade modules A Scalable Solution with Optional Upgrades

•  Modular Systems = Increased Flexibility
•  Choose only the Upgrades You Need
•  Modules are Fully-Customizable
•  Enhance the Functionality of the AG Base Software

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download PDFCustomize Your System with Optional Modules
Our agribusiness base package (AG Base) includes six basic components that are fully integrated: Bulk Fruit Receiving/Accounting, Packed Fruit Production, Grower Manifests, Sales Orders/Shipping, Billing & A/R. Below is a list of additional upgrades that can be purchased on a selective basis. Click here to download a PDF overview of available upgrade modules.

Sub-System Modules:
•  AG Payroll
•  iTracker Pallet Ticketing
•  GrowerWeb Online Access to Packouts & Statements
•  OnPoint™ Sales Inventory/Order Entry
•  OnPoint™ Reporting Tool
•  TimeTracker™ Plant Floor TimeKeeping (BETA)

Upgrade Modules:

eOrder Process
The Compu-Tech eOrders process can support the Sales Office order entry process for sending electronic order information to their Shippers. Multiple shippers can be assigned to a single sales order, but each shipper only receives order items relative to their office (along with comments, additional charges, and other order information). Both 'New' and 'Revised' orders are handled by this process. The Shipper must have the eOrders Module to receive the orders into their Compu-Tech system.

Sales Office Inventory Automated Update
Replacement process between the Shipper Warehouse and the Sales Agency on an ‘automated’ basis. This allows for the iSeries generating a file, sending it to the Compu-Tech Sales Agency Customer and posting to the sales inventory without the shipper having to generate and send the data on demand.

New Order Charges
Provides the option to enter additional charges to an order with A/P Invoice#, A/P Inv Description, and Percentage charges.

Warehouse Inventory Replacement Process
Re-builds the current sales inventory based on your pallet tag system and calculates the available cartons based on tickets that have been scanned/allocated to the unshipped order. Ensures that the sales inventory is as current as your pallet system.

Fax & Email Directly from Your IBM i Server
Send documents to your customers and shippers directly from the system. Document templates can be configured to print with your company logo and mirror your current document formats. Email reports, invoices, sales information, etc. in PDF format or send a fax from the spool file as you're working.

Electronic Archive in PDF Format
Option allows the user to save G/L Journals as a PDF Document to a folder on your IBM i Server. Electronic archives keep your journal files accessible at the click of a mouse.

Pallet Ticket Interface to Stamper
Interface generates pallet tickets from a data queue without a user having to hand-enter a pallet ticket (ask about our GENTCK module).

'Alpha' Prefix for Pallet Ticket Number
System supports a pallet ticket number prefaced with an alpha character in order to identify the pallet ticket for a specific purpose. Functionality helps support outside pallet ticket’s that you receive into your own pallet system by using the source ticket number.

Inventory Sub-ledger Module
Implemented to track Purchased Fruit or other inventory items through the sales order system. This module interfaces to the Sales Journal, and allows you to create Purchase Orders and post to a Purchase Journal batch for processing.

Grower Packouts Report Grouping
Provides the option to 'Group' Grower Packout Reports by assigned: Group, District, and Region. Ability to also assign a 'Combined Variety'. These processes allow you to set up tailored markers to run subset selection combinations when running packout reports.

Production Scheduling
Create a daily packing schedule from your sales inventory - report prints out a listing to use as a basis for production scheduling.

Bulk Bin Ticketing Module
Create bar-coded bin tickets to label and scan fruit as it is received. Assists in end-to-end traceability efforts.

Production Summary Inquiry
A database file includes information on Bins Received, Bins Packs, Equiv. Cartons Packed, Equiv. Cartons Shipped, and associated Labor - by Date, Variety and Location. Customize to list Labor per Box, per Employee or simply view your Production in summary.

Tree Top Grower Packout/Market Rights balances
This listing is based on the Grower Packout data (by selected date range) and compares the grower packout report of non-packed tons to the Tree Top Grower Market Rights tons. This is based on new fields that have been added to manage the Grower Master Names.

Pallet Ticket Module 'Capture & Post' routine
In the AG Base system, a user initiates the 'capture and post' process from a menu item on the system. We can automate this feature by establishing a 'scheduled job' to run on the system on a nightly basis. This scheduled routine will ensure that POOL report data for packed boxes is updated automatically and eliminates the manual process.

Technology Upgrades:

Wireless Tablet PCs
Several of our customers are using wireless technology on the plant floor in order to streamline efficiency. This setup requires investment in wireless access points as well as tablet PCs that are built to withstand an industrial environment.

On-board Scanning Capabilities
Tablet PCs can be implemented with on-board bar code scanners that allow users to scan tickets on the plant floor. We recommend utilizing this technology at receiving as well as at the palletizing area.

Touch-screen Technology
Tablets include the use of touch-screen technology which eliminates the necessity for users to hand-key information. Simplifying your processes with touch-screen interfaces has been known to reduce the frequency of human error - helping to improve the integrity of the data on your system.

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