A Sampling of Our Customers - Old and New
Some of our customers have been with Compu-Tech for over thirty years, growing and changing with us as emerging technologies simplify the way we all do business.

auvil fruit We have grown and packed high-quality fruit since 1928.

Valued Customer Since 1991.   |   www.auvilfruit.com

cmi Your year-round source for premium conventional
and organic apples, pears and cherries.

Valued Customer Since 1989.   |   www.cmiapples.com

domex superfresh The Force Behind Fresh™

Valued Customer Since 2007.   |   www.superfreshgrowers.com

evans fruit company Evans Apples...A Good Strong Crunch In Every Bite!

Valued Customer Since 2001.   |   www.evansfruitco.com

holtzinger fruit Nearly 100 Years of Service

Valued Customer Since 1982.   |   www.holtzingerfruit.com

northern fruit Delivering high quality fruit and service since 1928.

Valued Customer Since 1975.   |   www.northernfruit.com

yakima fresh Northwest Quality, World-Class Service

Valued Customer Since 2002.   |   www.yakimafresh.com