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download PDF Sophisticated, Robust Legacy Systems
Having provided software solutions for county governments in Washington State since 1975, Compu-Tech understands the importance of network and system security. Take a look at our legacy system features to get a better idea of the scale and functionality of custom programs we build.

NOTE: The base systems on this page are no longer available but Compu-Tech continues to design and build custom programs on a per-project basis.

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law and justice Law & Justice System

•  Allows multiple law and justice departments to share data
•  Secure, online access to applications and database
•  Robust searching and reporting features
•  Associates documents and files with each person record
•  Facilitates data sharing between local, county and federal levels

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assessor system Assessor System

•  Real Property and Personal Property file maintenance/reporting
•  Prints Property Data Summary by Selected Tax Parcel
•  Interfaces to Treasurer's Tax Billing System
•  Shares Central Names/Addresses File with Treasurer's System
•  On-line, multi-path inquiry to recordings including scanned documents

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auditor system Auditor System

•  Enhanced recording system
•  Supports grant/project accounting
•  Complies with WA St. BARS fund numbering and account coding
•  Integrates seemlessly with Treasurer's fund accounting system
•  Supports up to 10 years of detailed expenditure, budgeting, G/L and payroll information

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treasurer system Treasurer System

•  Supports grant/project accounting
•  Interfaces to the Annual Financial Statements system
•  Complies with WA St. BARS fund numbering and account coding
•  Supports up to 10 years of detailed fund accounting data
•  Seamless integration with Auditor's budgeting/accounting systems

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public works Public Works

•  Supports grant/project accounting
•  Supports a Public Works general ledger system
•  Supports unlimited years of detailed fund accounting data
•  Integrates with Auditor's budgeting/accounting systems
•  Integrates with revenue file from Treasurer's fund accounting system

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