Pallet Ticketing Module

Bar-Coded Pallet Ticketing for Improved Traceability
The pallet ticketing module is offered as an upgrade to the basic Agribusiness System. We follow produce traceability standards wherever possible, and our bar-coded ticketing system integrates seamlessly with all other agribusiness software modules.

pallet ticketing Online Scanning = Real-Time Inventory Updates

•  Print Tickets at the Palletizing Area
•  Pallet Location Tracking by Building, Room, Row, Stack, & Level
•  Supports Partial Pallets & Maintains Complete Shipment History
•  Handles Multiple Pools & Growers on the Same Pallet
•  Robust Pallet Inventory Search Tool & Reporting Features
•  Purchase this Upgrade Module at Any Time

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download PDF Discover the Convenience of On-Site Printing
Streamline your inventory process by printing tickets right at the palletizing area. The system also allows you to re-print a selected pallet ticket at the touch of a button. Download the PDF overview of the pallet ticketing system to see an expanded list of features.

Real-Time Updates for both Pallet & Sales Inventory
Maintaining an updated inventory is key for both tracking fruit and monitoring availability for your sales team. Pallets to be shipped are cross-referenced with orders online by scanning tickets at the shipping area, and inventory is reduced in real time as tickets are scanned and accepted for an order - making sure you have the most current information online.

Detailed Pallet History Improves Trace-Back Efficiency
Each entry on the system records the User ID and Date, packing line, shift, tracks growers' packed boxes and lot numbers, order number, shipment tracking, and the location of the pallet in the warehouse. All pallet records also include space for additional information such as ticket notes, comments and P/O #.

Robust Search & Reporting Tools
Search tools within the system allow you to sort data and find pallets by date packed, warehouse location, grower number, lot number, or commodity (variety, grade, package, size and storage). Online search also allows you to pull reports that detail pallets in pack date sequence (oldest to newest) or shows pallets created for a specified pack date.