Payroll Module

Reliable, Secure Payroll Solutions
The payroll module is offered as an upgrade to the basic Agribusiness System. Taxes and codes are currently based on Washington State standards but could easily be customized for your region. Like our other modules, the payroll system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the General Ledger or any of our other software solutions.

payroll Stable & User-Friendly Software

•  Supports Multiple Companies Under One System
•  Accounts for Salaried, Hourly and Piecework Employees
•  Custom Timeclock, 401(k), Benefit Plans, Direct Deposit
•  Print Payroll Tax Reports & (Magnetic Media) W-2's
•  Purchase Separately or Upgrade at Any Time

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download PDF Choose from a Variety of Payment Options
The system is fully integrated with the General Ledger and supports several secure payment options including direct deposit, printed checks, or hand-written checks. Direct deposit is customized to post information to your banking institution or communicate with an existing, third-party payment processing solution.

Expanded Time Keeping Features
The payroll module allows for multiple, concurrent time entry batches so that you can keep up to nine payroll batches active at one time. Track time and print time cards right from the system. Our proprietary, text-based time clock is fully integrated, but we also support third-party time clock solutions or provide custom programming to suit your specific needs. Learn more about upgrading to our graphical, touch-screen time clock module.

Manage Wages, Bonuses & Employee Benefits
Track salaries, hourly pay, bonuses, automated minimum wage, 401(k) plans, pensions and payroll advances per employee. Flexible benefit (cafeteria) plans and employee loans are also easily managed and recorded within the system.

Robust Search & Reporting Tools
Search through a detailed employee history to view complete records or pull special reports to manage seniority/benefit qualifications, 401(k) history, W-4 exempt status, new hires by date range, FUTA/SUTA tax accrual and even check for duplicate SS# and INS# within the system. Also sort data to display an employee master list, payroll tax reports, payroll register or deduction register.