Dependable, Standards-Compliant Software
As members of the PMA (Produce Marketing Association), Compu-Tech firmly believes in creating and adhering to produce traceability standards. Our systems follow pallet/case coding best practices and support automated data capture (ADC) methods - because trace-back efficiency will help us all improve food safety in the global markets.

traceability Working Toward Chain-Wide, Electronic Traceability

•  Bar Coding/Scanning Minimizes Manual Entry Errors
•  Supports RFID Printing and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
•  Systems Track Warehouse Location for Easy Retrieval
•  View Associated Grower by Lot #

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Automated Data Capture = Reliable Records
Food safety and traceability both depend on the accuracy of the data within the pallet history. Our pallet ticketing system allows for scanning and labeling right at the palletizing area. As shipments go out, users simply scan pallets and boxes to automatically update their status in the database and record - minimizing any errors due to manual data entry.

RFID & Bar Coding for Greater Accuracy
Several strategies and methods have been developed to improve data accuracy and support chain-wide electronic traceability. Bar coding and RFID (Radio Frequency ID) printing are supported by Compu-Tech's pallet ticketing system, which is also tied to sales and warehouse accounting - recording a complete picture of grower origin, packing, sales and shipping information.

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
Continuing the effort to improve food safety in an expanding global economy, the USDA has issued it's set of standards for country of origin labeling on perishable goods (mandated by the 2002 and 2008 Farm Bills). Solutions have been implemented on our systems as regulations have been established to keep our customers current - far in advance of the implementation deadlines.

Search the Detailed Pallet History
With our integrated, end-to-end agribusiness solution, you can track the complete produce history from its origin through packing, storage and shipping. Robust search and reporting tools allow you to review details such as pack date, warehouse location, grower number, lot # and more. Ticket scanning ensures the database is updated in real time - providing accurate and current information at your fingertips.

Record & Store Multiple Years of Data
Food safety issues aren't always immediately apparent over a single crop year. Our systems are capable of storing multiple years of information, which allows you to analyze historical data and spot trends.