Tree Fruit Nursery System

An End-to-End Solution
This software system was created to provide a comprehensive, stand-alone solution for the tree fruit nursery business model. Are you having trouble finding the right solution for your business? Custom programming may be a good fit.

tree fruit nursery Tree Fruit Nursery Software

•  Track Orders and Shipments
•  Real-time Inventory Reporting and Updates
•  Manage Commissions and Royalties
•  Integrated Accounting System Available for Purchase

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download PDF Track Orders & Shipments
The tree fruit nursery system provides an easy-to-use interface for managing order entry, shipping and invoicing. As a fully-integrated solution, you're able to an track order's history as well as pull reports on sales history, booked orders, blanket orders, etc. Our robust search tools also allow you to view orders by number, customer or salesman. Bulk mailing label printing is also supported. Download our PDF overview for a bulleted list of the basic system functionality.

Update Inventory & View Reporting with Ease
Update, review and manage inventory in a variety of ways including owned/purchased stock, field mapping and allocation, sales inventory reports, paint codes and current warehouse inventories.

Manage Commissions & Royalties
Our system features an automated commission and royalty management tool that also supports printed statements.

Additional Features
Other primary features include order code/pricing setup, daily closing and back-up procedures and year end closing/back-ups for orders and invoices.