Web Accessible Applications

Take Your Business Online.
Take advantage of IBM i system flexibility and start allowing online access for your business applications. You choose what data is available to the public - or limit access to specific users and locations. We customize the configuration to fit your business needs.

web accessibility Web Accessibility Means You Can Go Anywhere

•  Online Access - for Employees and Customers
•  Stable, Secure Online Applications
•  Access Your IBM i Database Over the Internet
•  You Choose which Applications are Public and Private
•  Custom Web Applications that Suit Your Business

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Public or Private? You Decide.
Choosing to make your data accessible online is optional. The system can be configured to only allow certain applications or data to be available over the internet. Creating a secure environment for your business data is our priority.

Stable and Secure Environment
Our web applications leverage the inherent stability of the IBM i server - minimizing downtime. Data mirroring means we reduce your system vulnerability

CASE STUDY: Agribusiness - Online Grower Statements

Situation Overview
Growers look to the warehouse to provide updated information on their packouts, statements and other equities on an ongoing basis. Traditionally they have received mailed statements and contacted the warehouse directly for updates and additional print-outs.

The Challenge
To allow grower access to online statements while still providing the warehouse the controls they need to audit data before it is published.

Our Solution
As many companies are moving in the direction toward a paperless system, we saw a perfect opportunity to allow growers 24/7, real-time access to view their most current statements online over a secure connection. Although many businesses using the system still provide hard copies of statements, the online system allows growers to log in and to view bulk fruit received by crop year as well as pull reports or print packouts and closing statements by variety, crop year and pool - all in one convenient location.

Technical Information
Platforms: End-User Accesses Data via Web Browser
Web Server: Apache, IIS, or customized
Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, or customized
Technologies: Java (J2EE Web Container)

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